My work is influenced by Somatic Psychology , Emotionally Focussed Couple Therapy (EFT) , Mindfulness , Attachment Theory , and Psychodynamic approaches. My style is collaborative, inclusive, interactive, and non-shaming. I work with individuals and couples using a trauma informed lens. I welcome folks of all ages, races, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and sexual/gender identities.

Individual Therapy

My goal with clients is to cultivate an environment where we co-create a relationship that feels comfortable, collaborative and supportive. This serves as a foundation from which you share your story with me and we identify how your unique history has shaped how you relate to others. I offer reflection and inquiry to help strengthen your ability to identify emotions and behavioral patterns so you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your needs. As you reach greater self-insight, we work together to help you cultivate strategies that help you help yourself. Getting to know yourself is not an easy endeavor, but with an empathic and calm presence, I walk alongside you, advocate for you, and nurture the unfolding process as you realize your innate inner wisdom and capacity to heal. Through understanding and accepting yourself, you can awaken your inner aliveness while improving and deepening your relationship with yourself and others.

Together We Can Work On

  • Relationship issues, intimacy and communication
  • Anger, anxiety, inner critic, coping skills and shame
  • Childhood and emotional trauma
  • Life transitions, feeling stagnant, corporate burnout
  • Co-dependency, recovery from dysfunctional family systems
  • Identity development, issues related to multiracial and multicultural identity
  • Increase self-awareness, flexibility, self-empowerment

Couples Therapy

Most people long for connection, security, and acceptance in romantic relationships. But we often end up feeling emotionally disconnected, hopeless and frustrated. In our work together, we’ll build tools to reduce conflict, identify patterns that aren’t working for you as a couple, find the root causes of those dynamics, discover unexpressed emotions that are masked by defensive behavior, and find new solutions to old problems. Applying new tools and awareness, together we create new patterns that help deepen emotional bonds. Disagreements are inevitable in relationships, but how you as a couple learn to resolve differences and re-connect, rather than disconnect, is the difference between an unsatisfying and fulfilling relationship.

Together We Can Work On

  • De-escalation and conflict resolution
  • Withdrawing behavior, criticism and abandonment issues
  • Bridge gaps in different communication styles
  • Rediscover connection
  • Trust and intimacy
  • Expand your understanding of yourself and your partner in relationship
  • Vision and values