My interest in psychology grew from my journey of self-exploration and healing in my own therapy, as well as through my experiences working with adolescents as a volunteer. While working in the corporate design world, my curious spirit felt lost. I discovered I found my volunteer work, where I saw teens growing and healing from old wounds, more rewarding and meaningful than anything I was doing as a design professional. I decided to take a leap of faith by pursuing my passion for healing and switched careers.

As a therapist, my clients appreciate how I use my calm demeanor, humor and quirky-down-to-earth attitude to create an environment where they feel more at ease to share the complexities of lightness and darkness we each possess in life. I’ve been described as direct when necessary and compassionate when clients need to feel validated, seen and heard.

I hold a Masters degree in counseling psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and I strongly believe that our minds, bodies and emotions inform each other in realms below the surface of awareness. Using psychodynamic thinking, body awareness, neuroscience, attachment theory, as well as typical talk therapy techniques, we can nerd out together to explore your favorite topic: YOU.

I identify as biracial and my work is informed by my multicultural background of growing up in both the U.S. and Asia. I work relationally and experientially using a body-oriented and mindfulness approach with individuals and couples.

It is an honor to learn from and feel trusted by my clients as they allow me to participate in and witness their growth and transformation over time. As I continue to evolve on my own life path of personal development, I am honored to walk alongside each of you and am continuously inspired by your courage to want something more from this life.